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November 28, 2014#

Star Wars Title design

I love Star Wars. My friends and family know it. I’ve had the honor of contributing pixels to the brand through a variety of trading card, RPG, and interactive projects. The movies are where it comes alive for me. ESB is my favorite. All the way.

The entertainment world has it’s fun with us by teasing theatrical releases at least a year in advance. Today was the release of one of those teases. In motion. I got goosebumps and the force got me when the Millennium Flacon twirled with smoke trails behind and then got into a skirmish with a pair of advancing tie-fighers. Wow. Then the title appeared. What happened? I understand certain budget constraints, but the attention to the title appearing was rather amateurish and a little too simple. I was expecting a little more flash, but I will take the 88 seconds when I can.

I do motion graphics. I think I do them pretty alright. I wanted to give a crack at putting a couple hours of moving pixels and some effects to give the title a little more oomph. What I created is only an homage to the title. All copyrights are owned by Disney. The brand, logo, and title. I love it all. May the force be with you. Enjoy. Create. Share. Be well

Star Wars: Title Rework

August 3, 2014#

3SS #2

Please enjoy the final-completed-long-labored-sophomore addition to my weekly creative series; Three Second Something.

Enjoy. Share. Create. Be well.


July 28, 2014#

Animated work-in-progress-3SS#2

I’ve started a weekly challenge for myself called; Three Second Something. The concept is to create a 3-second animation with custom sound design every week. I’ve got a huge list of animated concepts to try out and I’d like to document and share the creativity along the way.

Below is a work-in-progress of week 2. Enjoy.

Here is a link to the first post.

Be well.

September 27, 2013#

What’s the weather?

I think I can safely assume that smart phone users have at least once checked their device for the weather forecast. Some weather apps have full screen sweeps of rain or sunshine vistas, other apps have simple or stylized icons.

One of my current projects is animating a custom set of weather icons to be used for a lobby LED screen at a financial center in NYC. This is the second set that designed and animated, but it was not as simple as repurposing previous assets. I did use the rain and snow particle animations footage, but this set did not have the display confines of an squarish icon or a hand-held display screen.

Here are some examples of the weather conditions in context. And yes, I’ve had to animated the extreme conditions like tornado, flood, and sandstorm.

Weather_Hurricane Weather_PassingClouds Weather_Thunderstorm

And for good measure, I’ve included the option for a chance of zombies. Enjoy.


September 16, 2013#

Pachinko pixels

Welcome to an insight into my pixel process. This post is aimed at spotlighting the beginning and end results for some pixels created for a custom LED sign display.

The company I contract for specializes in digital media content for LED display screen technologies. One such LED sign manufacturer asked Pixelfire to design custom content for one of its layouts. The client requested something that was subtle with movement, but integrated all of the screens. After much concepting, the idea for a pachinko game came to fruition. The concept was to develop a series of vignettes into the screen layout that would hold a showering of black and white pachinko balls.
I sketched a Japanese-themed layout with a dragon motif in the center. The plan was to have the stream of pachinko balls drop from the top and fall through the screens, collect in the bottom, then fall out and loop again. The screens are very vibrant so I chose a vivid color pallete with some subtle patterns.

Here is the final color plate that was placed behind the 3D pachinko animated components.

Below is the final video. Enjoy!

May 30, 2013#

New website!


Well, this is exciting, isn’t it?

Please enjoy my pixels.